Additional Service Descriptions



 Auriculotherapy Seeding is a non-invasive technique applying the seeds of the Cow Soapwort plant (Vaccaria hispanica) plant to specific points located on the external ear. Via the gentle pressure exerted by the seeds on these sites, a client can receive a number of health benefits. Because of various mechanisms that make the ear an ideal interface with the greater body, this technique has been used to treat anxiety, depression, addiction cravings, and numerous other conditions with notable documented success. The practice is a great way for people to introduce themselves to the benefits of auricular acutherapy without taking the full plunge into needles if they are adverse. The seed is applied with a small adhesive patch directly to the points selected by your practitioner. The seeds can easily be removed by the client when necessary but they are typically left in place anywhere from a few hours up until a few days with gentle self-massage of the applied seed points encouraged. At times the effects of a specific treatment have been noted by people in as little as 5 minutes after application with ongoing effects for days. 

Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy is found in cultures around the world going back thousands of years. It involves using so-called ‘cups’ to create varying degrees of suction on the tissues of the body. The pulling force of each cup can increase circulation, help to release connective tissues, and to remove stagnation from areas where healing has been delayed. Used by competitive athletes, patients in recovery for acute injury, chronic condition sufferers, and for people seeking a general health tonic, different cupping techniques can be used for a wide array of concerns. The marks left by cupping last typically between 1-10 days. While they can vary in intensity of color, they are superficial and cause no lasting injury to the sites where they occur. Applied specifically and strategically, the stimulative effects of the cups have been known provide potent positive changes in as little as one to two sessions.