Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an R&R Member Massage online?

If you are a Member of our R&R Program and want to book your Level 1 Massage at your Membership rate, you will proceed as normal for your online booking through Myron's website. You will then scroll down until you see "R&R Member Level 1 Massage" and click that option. 

How do I upgrade if I'm an R&R Member?

If you are a Member of our R&R Program and would like to upgrade to a higher level you will need to contact our front desk at (443) 637-7040 or message us on Facebook so we can set you up. 

What are the prices if I want to upgrade my Level 1 Massage or Facial?

As an R&R Member you have the option to upgrade from your Level 1 Facial or Massage included in your membership. The prices are as follows:

Upgrade to Level 2 Massage - $35.00 

Upgrade to Level 3 Massage - $65.00

Upgrade to Level 2 Facial - $15.00

Upgrade to Level 3 Facial - $30.00

Upgrade to Level 4 Facial - $45.00 

*Upgrade fee is paid the day service is rendered* 

Can I take advantage of Specials or Discounts on top of my Membership?

As an R&R Member you may take advantage of the special promoted as a "NON Member". Your credit for the month (If not already used) will be kept on your card for you to use in the future. Reminder: Credits must be used within 3 months of being issued.